Friday, July 23, 2010

Hot Summer Nights

   I am out of my favorite summer time drink, sweet tea.  I am addicted to the Southern form of iced tea.  Sugar does not dissolve in cold water, in the south they boil the water and sugar together to form a syrup, then let the tea bags seep.  This is then added to a pitcher, leaving it strong enough to not be watered down by ice cubes.

How to:
   Add water to a saucepan (amount doesn't matter, it will get fixed later), add 1 1/2 cups sugar.  Boil.  When it has boiled, turn the stove down as low as possible and add eight tea bags, stir, sometimes I add a cinnamon stick.  Let it sit for 15 minutes.  Pour the tea into a 1 gallon jug, leave the bags in the saucepan.  Pour cold water over the tea bags in the pan and add this liquid to the jug.  Keep repeating until the 1 gallon jug is full.  (Squeezing the tea bags can lead to a bitter brew.  Because you will be adding ice cubes to your glass you want it strong.)

   But, pity, I am out.  SO I GUESS I WILL JUST HAVE TO TRY  the black cherry vodka I just bought. 

   Well...all right,  3 ounces of cola to 1 1/2 ounces of black cherry vodka is a pretty good summer time drink too.

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