Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Barbary Coast--Whizz-Doodle with Cocoa???

Stop.  Is this is one of those tricks such as calling a drink Long Island Iced Tea when it doesn’t have tea in it? (However, it does taste very similar.)

My high school graduation was in 1969, so karma led me to a book from that year to help me with my quest.  (I should have been experimenting with alcohol in my early years.) I am leafing through “The Bartender’s Guide”, 29th edition printed, September, 1969 (original published June, 1940).  So many drinks to choose from.  First, I was torn between a gin drink or a whisky drink, Scotch whisky of course.  I am becoming quite a fan of Famous Grouse.   I do suppose I should make a transatlantic crossing and at least try what Jack Daniels has to offer.  And I did enjoy the Tanqueray gin that I sampled.  It was not what I expected.  Botanicals! Dry gin! Lovely.

As I search, there is a drink that has both whisky and gin and crème de cocoa in it.  Cocoa?  That got my attention.  What gal doesn’t appreciate cocoa?  Crème de Cocoa is a liqueur.  A liqueur is a sweetened spirit with various flavors, oils, and extracts.  I was had at the mention of cocoa, but sweetened?  Hey, I am a two sugars in my coffee gal, this is an amazing discovery.  It gets even better, crème de cocoa is a rich, chocolate-flavored liqueur, made from cacao and vanilla beans.  It has two colors: white &

Vanilla beans!!!  My favorite gin, my favorite whisky, cocoa, and vanilla, does it get any better?

Leafing through the guide, I discovered that the drink Barbary Coast and Whizz-Doodle are the same drink:

¼ dry gin
¼ crème de cacao
¼ Scotch whisky
¼ cream
shake well with ice, strain into glass
     note:      DeKuyper has labels for crème de cacao and crème de cocoa. They are the same thing, a lively on-line discussion thinks it is a marketing strategy because of the revival of classic cocktails.  Some sources say  there is a difference between the light and the dark, others say there is only a color difference.

Well, this was an interesting cocktail, I wasn't too excited about it.  I think I love the purity of the individuals by themselves.

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